Saturday, July 31, 2010


I had so much to write about but now I'm tired and have forgotten most of it. Dot points will have to do because I can't be arsed elaborating:
  • Blogger fucking pisses me off sometimes. Should have learnt Wordpress.
  • Fuck it, I've given up washing everything in bottled water. Tap water and drying with a teatowel will have to suffice.
  • I'm over cooking with minimal cooking instruments. It takes so God damn long to feed everyone.
  • I understand why, in the olden days, women spent most of their time in the kitchen.
  • I'm seriously considering living on juices, fruit and anything that doesn't need cooking.
  • Washing up 3 times a day sucks. Where's the fucking dishwasher?
  • My fear of getting pissed off with Dave by spending 24/7 together has, so far, been unfounded.
  • Dave and I work great as a team.
  • Walking/running first thing in the morning rocks my world.
  • Should be able to weight train again tomorrow. Soreness just eased today thank fuck!
  • I've successfully navigated my fanny region with a razor today :)
  • Razorblades in waterslides is another urban myth. Another childhood fear!

Note left in our room yesterday with fruit:

"Joy seems to me a step beyond happiness. Happiness is a sort of atmosphere you can live in sometimes when you're lucky. Joy is a light that fills you with hope and faith and love." by Adela Rogers St. Johns

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I fancied a bit of chocolate this arvo so when Dave and I went to Hardy's to grab some groceries I found these babies being a "fine selection of Indonesian cocoa beans home-made by Belgian Chocolatier."


There are a few certainties in my life:

- My dream to be a wonderful wife and mother.
- My goal to pursue my creativity, whether that is in writing or otherwise.
- I believe that I will be successful and happy beyond my wildest dreams.
- One day I will conquer all of my fears.
- My desire for a long and fulfilling life with Dave, Jason, Sofie, Jayden and other family members and my friends.
- I'd like to keep caring more and giving more and keep myself aligned with my passions.
- My quest to continue learning about spirituality.

I've well and truly got my dose of Vitamin D yesterday and today. Shelley LOVES the sun and now has a healthy tan to show for it :) There's a certain kind of serenity in sunbaking. It's like the sun infuses every part of my body with a relaxation drug. I lay here listening to the sounds surrounding me. The soft music playing in the background from the pool-side restaurant, the water flowing from the fountains into the pool, the birds chirping from afar, the laughter from the children in kids club. I open my eyes to see the quiet and hear a rooster cock-a-doodle-doing in the distance. I notice the calm, stillness of the pool with not a body immersed other than the lady sitting on the edge, dangling her feet whilst reading a book. I look down to see sweat beading all over my body and decide it's time for a dip to cool off. But first I need to put my bikini top on as I'm currently wearing a strapless mini sun-dress trying to avoid sunbaking lines and alleviate the ones I attracted yesterday. I curse under my breath that topless sunbaking/swimming is not the norm and socially acceptable. They're only tits for Christ sake. For a brief second I contemplate diving in topless and wonder what the consequences would be, if any. But then, being the good girl that I am, do the right(?) thing and dress appropriately. I am immediately refreshed as the coolness of the water embraces me. I float for a while before leaving the safety of the water to lay back on my sunbed and start the sunbaking/tanning cycle all over again.

How many people do you think piss in the pool? I'm not talking kids, I mean adults? Really? I remember as a child being told if you pee in the pool your legs would turn blue. Something to do with a chemical that detected piss. And ever since I've always been too scared to, even as an adult when I'm not sure if it's fact or fiction. It seems such an inconvenience to leave pool-side and the comfort of the sun-lounge to relieve my bladder especially with wet boardies. It's like trying to get your tights up when you've sweated profusely from exercise. They always stick and there's a bit of wiggling and jiggling to get them up and into their correct position. I'm not about to test the theory though. Besides my fear of turning into a smurf I don't fancy contributing to the piss quota so I'll pack up and piss off to my room - literally!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I've had to remind myself that this is not a holiday, it's "life." Ever since I made the decision, only just a year ago, to never go on a diet again I've had the feeling that everything would be okay, an even deeper knowing. Occasionally, I still worry though which leads to unhelpful and unhealthy thinking and still sometimes emotional eating, although rarely. In the past holidays meant "hold out for as long as you can and then go for it" and although I'm far more relaxed about it all these days it is here, in our beautiful, relaxed, calm setting that I must live now as I wish to live everyday no matter where I reside.

At the markets this morning seeing and smelling all the dead animals turned my stomach and was a reminder why I'm now a vegan. I'm not saying I'll never eat animals or their products again but for now it feels good and right. God knows, in the past, I've eaten enough fucking chicken to last me a lifetime.

Fucken hell I'm sore. What the fuck was I thinking yesterday? It's all good though, with 1 hour massages for $5 on a daily basis I'll be walking normally again in no time. Tough life but someone's gotta help the Bali women earn a living.

I'm feeling much more settled this evening now I've gotten my bearings and feel like I can settle into some sort of routine. On the cards tomorrow morning is a run towards the main street heading for the beach.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I did my first bit of exercise, since arriving, this morning. The resort has a smallish gym set up with benches, free weights, a couple of recumbent bikes, a stepper and a home gym which I checked out yesterday and decided this would suit me just fine to get the blood pumping first thing this morning and set me up for a fabulous feeling day. I stole the 7 July workout from Skwigg and adjusted it to suit me and the equipment available. I really enjoyed it. It was nice and quick and challenging also. Might do some more of these kind of workouts in the next couple of weeks.

Ask most girls and they'll all have a favourite make-up item. I'm guessing the majority would say lip gloss but for me it's mascara. I've not put a scrap of make-up on since we left Brisbane and have not done my hair other than put a brush through it after showering. I did however, use the hair dryer this morning trying to get the kinks out as naturally I'm quite wavy. I didn't realise how fair and fine my eye lashes are and even if I'm not doing the whole hog I'll still whack a bit of mascara on. So, adjusting to none is taking time.

The toilets in our apartment are quite different from home. They have a huge bowl filled with water so when you crap all the crap floats around until you flush. The beauty of this is you get to check out your poop before flushing so even if it's a beauty, the ideal sausage-like stool, it doesn't sink straight down the s-bend. And, c'mon, who doesn't check out the quality of their shit? There's such a thing as the Bristol Stool Chart which uses your bowel motions to measure your health and apparently it's one of the most accurate self diagnostic methods available. According to my shit, I'm one healthy chick :)

Monday, July 26, 2010


Thank God I'm not all anal and obsessed about a high raw vegan way of eating/living. Eating raw food in Bali is a little difficult when you have to either wash everything in bottled water or peel it. Vegetarian/vegan food is easy to come by when eating out. Today at lunch I got an Indonesian dish of vegetarian nasi goreng. I asked for lots of veges but don't think they understood me or at least what "lots" means in Shelley language.


I'm secretly, well not secretly cause it's a public blog, keeping my private thoughts on our adventure documented here.

I typed up some thoughts in word this morning, before we had internet, whilst everyone else was still asleep, and Dave wanted me to put some of it on our family blog so here is just the extra stuff.

Thank fuck for blankets on planes. Why does it have to be so friggen' cold on planes? Can't they crank the air conditioning up a tad? Wouldn't it be easier and less work for the hostesses if everyone was warm and toasty and therefore sleepy and then they slept most of the way? I was rugged up for the whole trip.

My food was delicious. I didn't want to be too big of a pain in the arse and request gluten free as well (which I try and avoid but didn't really eat too many grains/breads much anyway) so of course received pastas and bread rolls for all my meals so I'm all carbed up/glutened out. I would have been just as happy with a bowl of veges and fruit but you get what you're given and be grateful for it! I did get a yummy little cake made out of quinoa flour too.

And lastly, the toilet situation. I was sooooooo pleased to finally arrive at our room so I could sit my arse down on a toilet seat and poo. The toilets on the planes are fucking disgusting and I wasn't sitting anywhere near them so held onto the rail and squatted just to pee but really wanted to shit. Lucky for everyone else on the plane I had a blanket and was able to discretly fart with not too much stench reaching the open air. Today my bowels have gone "arrrhhhhhh."

The apartment is very comfortable. The resort, so far, so good.

We went out for breaky this morning:

We haven't been shopping yet although we picked up a few items from a little shop on the way home. I was pretty excited to find these whilst Dave was excited with his guinness.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Day by day doing the fiddly things and important things like lunching daily with the girls, arvo naps, and generally just chilling and staying as stress free as possible. The tide has turned now TOM has said hello and I'm rather calm and relaxed about the whole thing. We've been watching the exchange rate for days and putting off converting our money seeing as though it was on the up again but today, we got it done and converted $50K onto Commonwealth Bank Travel Money Cards. We're down to the scraps of food in the house which means a little bit of eating out over the next couple of days. Last throw of weights around tomorrow and saying good-bye to my little car. Kids last day at school tomorrow also and my Mum, who has been here since last Saturday, leaves as well.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Last minute jobs being done:

- Medicare and Medibank claims.

- Kids had a farewell party with their friends last Friday afternoon at Dorrington Park. No tears as yet but I'm ready for them this Saturday night when we pick Sofie up from her friends birthday party which will be the final good-bye.

- We had another farewell party last Saturday night. This time I was equipped with only my lippy and two bandaids (for toes) in my pocket and this time did eat although late as they forgot my meal. Pulled up around midnight and was able to remember the evening - bonus!

- Gave in and got a new licence yesterday. Bastards!

- Booked the taxi to pick us up and take to airport on Sunday morning.

- Booked car into RACQ car storage yard. Drop off Friday afternoon.

- Cancelled car insurance.

- Finalised rent payments for The Ridge.

- Packed up my clothes and other unnecessarys to take to storage shed.

- Started packing bags.

- Cancelled Telstra mobile phone account. You're sacked forever now Telstra!

- Purchased kids ID wristbands for places such as theme parks, etc.

And finally, "Fuck Off Fear!" "I know it is huge what we are doing; packing up the children and our lives. Don't you think I have thought and felt these feelings before? You can stay for as long as you like. I will sit with you for as long as you need to stay and when you're ready you can quietly slip the fuck out of my life once more. It's going to be amazing! The End."

Friday, July 16, 2010


In Amsterdam (yeah baby!) Accomodation booked at the Dikker En Thijs Fenice Hotel from the 30th December (Sofie's birthday) until 2nd January 2011. Party, party, party!!


After picking up Jason from the airport we'll all pile into the car and spend the next couple of days driving to our Christmas destination in Salzburg. On the way we plan to stop at the many Christmas markets in Germany with Nuremberg being a definate on the list.


The next day after an overnight stop in Frankfurt we'll head to Helsinki Airport and jump on a plane to Rovaniemi, Finland. It's here, on day 1, we'll visit Santa Claus Village and cross the Artic Circle. We've booked a snowmobile safari to a reindeer farm, we'll take a reindeer ride and meet Santa Claus himself, do some shopping in Santa Claus Village and send some postcards home. On day 2 we'll ride on a sled and control the husky's to take us deeper into the wilderness stopping for a light lunch round a campfire. Our accomodation in Rovaniemi is at the Rantasipi Pohjanhovi Hotel, which is full of Lapland magic. It's then back to our Frankfurt accomodation awaiting the arrival of eldest son, Jason, on the 19th December 2010.


I think the last place I mentioned was Italy. So, we've travelled in Italy for a week or so stopping and staying whereever our hearts desire. We'll then drive up through Switzerland arriving here:

at the Holiday Inn Frankfurt Airport - North on Monday, 13th December 2010. There's ten days between leaving Uzes and arriving here with no locked in plans so we may spend more time in Italy or stay a day here and there on our way up. We're only here overnight, but able to leave our car parked until we return a few days later on the 17th December, 2010. The time in between will be explained in the next post.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Nope, no luck finding the hangbag or any of its contents. I've been to both pubs we went to, rang the police station, went to the police beat, rang the taxi company who called the driver, called my phone, all to no avail. I can't believe I did it. As I said I've never done it before but I guess there's a first for everything. Lesson learnt is not to drink on an empty stomach or at least have something to eat during the session. It's not like I didn't eat on purpose, I simply didn't even give it a thought. I was having too much fun and engaging in some really interesting conversations and food was the last thing on my mind. And, all of a sudden it hit me and I was one wasted chick. You know, one of the ones that you see the bouncer asking to leave cause they've had enough to drink even though they're not doing anything. Yeah, that was me too! Anyway, replacement visa and eftpos cards are on their way, I have a new sim card in an old mobile phone from Dave, have instructed the receptionist to order new keys, security tag and remote for car parking estimated at $165, and last on the list is to get a new licence. Each day I'm putting this off secretly hoping that there's a decent human being out there who's taken the $224 cash and posted the rest back in the mail which will turn up, redirected to the post box. I'll give it till the end of the week and then I'll go get another licence.

More jobs ticked off the to do list:

Medical insurance has been paid up in advance to ensure continued coverage when we return home.

Purchased 2 x 4GB USB memory sticks for storage of downloaded photos.

Vietnam entry visas approved and passports picked up from drop off point.

Finalised first aid kit with all necessary equipment. Drugged up to the max just in case.

Ordered 2 x Frequent GlobalSIM Starter Packs from BackChat Mobile.

Had repaired Jayden's faulty Nintendo DS Lite (essential for kids and travel).

Emailed kids school letter of date finishing and request for places to be held next year and also blog link. Spoken to teachers. Ordered homework book for Jayden.

Created new family blog Gonna let the family in on the blogging act.

Been to the secondhand bookstore and bought more books for long days lazing on the beach in the sun (in Nelson from the Simpson's voice - ha ha).

Purchased some small Australian gifts for overseas children.

And numerous emails back and forth to our awesome travel counsellor who is still working her butt off for us.

11 more sleeps. Feels like I'm waiting for Christmas! Excitement plus.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Never, in all my years of being pissed, have I ever lost my phone, wallet or handbag. But, last night I did just that. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. 2 weeks before I leave the country I go out to celebrate Dave finishing work and lose my fucking hangbag. I thought I was smart going to Vinnies yesterday and buying a little black number for $2 cause all my handbags are packed and in storage. And now I've left the fucker somewhere. Containing $224, which I couldn't care less about, my phone, visa, eftpos card, licence and apartment keys. FUCK! So now, today's mission, hungover and feeling like shit, is to try and find it or otherwise I'm fucked and will have to cancel everything. God, please help me!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


This is a story about surrendering from a woman who has found surrender impossible. This is a story about stopping the war, my war, the one I have fought all my life, the one I have not been able to give up despite the fact that I have lost every battle and sincerely declared myself out of action over and over again. It's a story about stopping the war with what is within and around me because I have simply had enough of fighting, because I love my life and the world and have come to realize that in order to find the rest I ache for and the peace I want us to create together, I must give up the war I fight every time I allow my desire to create change, inner or outer, pull me into doing. Change will happen, change does happen, often as a result of our choices and our actions. But every time I let my actions be dictated solely or primarily by the desire to create change, every time I am attached to achieving a desired result, no matter how lofty or "spiritual" that hoped-for result may be, I am rejecting what is and so causing suffering in myself and in the world.

I thought that to heed the call, to know and embody the meaning of my life, I had to learn to do it differently. But what I had to learn, what I am still learning, was to stop doing altogether. I had to learn not-doing, something I had heard about years ago but dismissed as being at best an ideal beyond my humanness or at worst empty spiritual jargon. I remember the first time I heard a teacher, a Native American elder, tell a group of students that they had to learn the art of not-doing. I was a single mother with two small sons living on very little income, and I wondered just how not-doing would work when there are children to get up and dressed, breakfast to prepare, lunches to pack, laundry to do, and a wage to be earned. I misunderstood. I assumed not-doing meant doing nothing - staring at a wall or sleeping - and there was precious little time for this in my life. Of course, even when we sit and stare at a wall or lie in bed sleeping we are usually doing something. We are thinking and feeling and sensing, if only in our dreams.

Each of us needs to experience the truth for ourselves, each of us needs to follow our own path to self-realization even though the self we realise is in essence identical to and not truly separate from all others. There is simply no way to get there except by going through the process yourself.

Your story will be different because the particulars of your history and your personality - the things that have shaped how and why you fight your war with reality and therefore how you stop the war - will be different from mine. But if you suffer at all for the world or yourself, if you spend one moment resenting, resisting, trying to hang onto, or deeply desiring to change what is within yourself or in the world right now, you are fighting with reality. And, fighting reality is a losing battle.

excert from the book The Call by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Saturday, July 3, 2010


It's getting close now. Just 3 more weeks (tomorrow) till we depart the country. I'm nervous, yet excited, wondering how my life will change and what it will bring over the next 9 months. Whatever will be, will be. Bring it on!

It's been a busy past couple of weeks. I've settled nicely into a new groove throwing around some weights two to three times a week at Goodlife in the Valley, walking/running daily and generally keeping active. I've been reading lots of books and learning something new every day. Love how I've become a bookworm. There's been the fortnightly massage and some rest and relaxation going on too. It's been a pretty wonderful life really.

My Sister and her two boys have been here for the past few days, our final get together for a while. We took the kids to Dreamworld yesterday which they loved, and Sis and I got some time out and alone last night whilst Dave looked after all the kids. Such a special husband!

My book has been pushed aside for now. I've had no luck getting an Agent and I haven't got time to stuff arse around. It's obviously not the right time for it now so I'll get back to it when I can.

On the trip front, we've organised a second mastercard (in case we lose the first one), a netbank security tag, overseas driving licences, doctors appointment for husband scripts and letter verifying why we're carrying so many drugs (lol), new medicare cards since current ones expire next month, ordering homework book for Jayden, entry visas for Vietnam, airline meals, getting tax returns ready, purchasing new TomTom (GO 750) and downloading overseas maps, organising contents insurance for storage shed (the company covered the first couple of months), and I'm sure there's more but I can't remember. There has been some other accomodation booked too. I just need to pin down husband and find out the details so I can document the places here.

Another great week coming up. Taking Sofie to the Gold Coast tomorrow to stay overnight with a little friend she made when we went to Lindeman Island back in October 2008. They've remained friends emailing and phoning ever since. How cool is that? Jason (eldest son) and his girlfriend arrive tomorrow afternoon for a week. Dave finishes work on Friday. Par-tay Friday night! And just the general awesomeness that is my life. Hoo-roo!